The Desktop Slingshot For Professional Troublemakers

Crafted from a carved walnut base with a handsome rubber and leather launcher, this Desktop Wood Slingshot is officially Bart Simpson's wet dream. A personalized base holds the slingshot in place and keeps it in full view on your desk as you contemplate who your next target should be in the battlefield that is now your office. 


Your office supply cabinet becomes an armory of ammunition when you have a slingshot on your desk—paperclips, pen caps, crumpled-up paper, bottle caps, broken bottles. No one's safe. 

Or you could just use the thing as a decorative paperweight...wuss.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his fondest memory involving a slingshot is when a gutter-punk from Virginia shot a paintball at him and ruined his finest pair of jeans.