The 5 Things American Express's Walter Frye Can't Live Without

For this edition of The Essentials — an ongoing series in which we catch up with notable dudes to find out what possessions make them tick — we caught up with Walter Frye, Director of Entertainment Partnerships for American Express. Since 2010, he's been coordinating all manner of exclusive events and experiences in the music, film, and fashion industries for card members. He also produces an award-winning live-streaming concert series in American Express UNSTAGED, which has featured the likes of Coldplay, Vampire Weekend, Sting, Jack White, and Usher. Not a bad gig.

GEAR: CartierTank Française Watch - $4,700
First created in 1917 by Louis Cartier, and inspired by the Renault tanks he saw in use during World War I out on the famed Western Front, the Française variation debuted in '96. It's since been a wristworn staple for tastemakers, celebs, and style icons the world over.
Frye: I'm obsessed with this watch — [it's my] favorite thing that I own.

TECH:Sonos - $199+
Still the gold standard for wireless home audio systems, Sonos operates via your wireless router, making it stupid-simple to tack on additional speakers all over your crib once you have the main bridge set up, and easily isolate specific tuneage to particular areas.
Frye - Music via my home wireless network is so great. I can enjoy all my music content from Apple devices — in any room of the apartment.

RIDES: TriumphBonneville - $7,899+
A completely redesigned and re-engineered modern version of the classic models produced 1959-83 and 1985-88 respectively. A head-turner.
Frye - Perfect for escaping the city to open roads, independence. Some of the most stylish motorcycles ever made.

HOME: Andrew NeyerCrane Light - $199
Quite possibly the only wall sconce worth getting excited about, this four foot-long swinging version pivots 180 degrees to illuminate specific areas on-demand.
Frye - [It] couldn't be any cooler, one of my favorite things at home. The design is a great solution to liven up a room and save space.

VICE: Tutilltown SpiritsHudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey - $40
The folks at Tuthilltown Spirits make a mean, award-winning bourbon (and some mean winter-worthy bitters, too).
Frye - This is a great bourbon whiskey that is distilled in New York and made from 100% New York corn and aged oak barrels.