There is Now a Hoverboard. This is Not a Hoax

Though we've been through one hoverboard hoax so far this year, it appears that the hopes and dreams of millions of Back to the Future fans will finally come true. Launching on Kickstarter, the Arx Pax HENDO Hoverboard finally severs the physical connection between you and the earth, thanks to the power of "magnetic field architecture." We're not exactly sure what that means, but founder Greg Henderson says it is just a really efficient way to transmit electromagnetic energy.

It took two years of tinkering, but they did it.

Your new commuting machine?

If you don't have the $10,000 required to pre-order one of these bad boys on Kickstarter, you can grab a developer kit for $299 and tinker at it yourself. Obviously it's not an easy tinker, because you can buy 33 developer kits for the price of one finished model. It might not be the best time to be an early adopter, but all bets are off here. It's an actual hoverboard.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor of Supercompressor. He'd rather have a Dolorean, but thinks this is still cool. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.