The Portable Air Conditioning Cooler

If you've ever resorted to sticking your head inside your freezer for a few minutes on a sweltering summer day, you know that A) it feels amazing and B) it's probably time to invest in that air conditioner, you cheap bastard.

Or, you could opt for a device that functions as both food chiller and air conditioner, like the IcyBreeze.

In keeping with the trend in multi-hyphenate party coolers, the IcyBreeze functions as your typical 38-quart booze and food-chiller on the inside, but is engineered to pump water that collects beneath the ice up through a built-in condenser and blow dry air out through a vent, or flexi-hose in the lid. Cheers to not being the gross sweaty guy fishing out another beer at your next BBQ.

On the lowest setting it will keep blowing cold air—35 degrees below the ambient temperature wherever you are—for up to seven hours, though you may need to plug it in or recharge the battery before then. If you'd prefer a short and sweet cool-down, the fan maxes out its blowing power at 25 mph.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. If you're wondering, the answer is yes, he is indeed sweating right now.