The Military-Grade Tactical Bottle Opener

If your normal keychain bottle opener just isn't cutting it for you anymore, maybe you should look for something a little stronger, lighter, and cooler. Something like the TACTICA One.

The TACTICA One was designed and produced in Melbourne, Australia to be the last bottle opener you'll ever need. Made from a military- and aerospace-grade high-tech composite, the design's emphasis is on durability and portability. At only 20 ounces, the TACTICA One is made to be taken along with you all the time so you're never caught without a bottle opener. Better yet, the composite materials the TACTICA One is made from doesn't rust and won't scratch your phone's screen, so it's safe for constant pocket storage. Snag one here for about $30.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor who only needs his surroundings to open bottles.

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