A Tricycle with a Chain and Rear Steering is Much More Fun

Originally a 7th grade science project, the Leaux tricycle is unlike any other trike we've seen. We're pretty into trikes and their sweet drifting capabilities, but the Leaux has something most trikes don't have: a chain. Having a chain allows for a steeper gear ratio than 1:1, so when you pedal one revolution, the wheel spins a few more times than once. That reduces the low-end torque, which means it's capable of hitting higher speeds.

The higher speeds provided by the gearing make for more insane drifting, but there's a secret weapon the trike has to give it an edge on the rest: a patented 360-degree castor wheel on the back, attached to a lever. Using the lever in conjunction with the rear axle lets you steer the back end, giving you even more control.

Ethan Wolff-Mann prefers two-wheelers, but respects the three-wheelers. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann, not on his bike.