Moleskine X LEGO, Limited Edition

Each year, paper-good monolith Moleskine treats the world to colorful collaborations with iconic brands and names. You've seen The Simpsons Moleskine, and now prepare to feast your eyes on their limited edition run of LEGO notebooks. These are the school supplies you always wanted as a kid, but probably never got because you didn't sit at the cool-kid table at lunch. Now you get to sit at the cool-kid table. You are now a cool kid. 

Each notebook in the collection has an honest-to-God LEGO brick embedded in the cover, perfect for attaching mini figs like Marge Simpson or Ron Burgundy to keep you company as you record your important adult notes.

Did we mention they come with LEGO stickers, too? Because they totally do. And an expandable inner pocket, in which to fit more stickers.

Choose either a LEGO embossed pattern or Robot LEGO man on the cover, then pick between plain or lined paper, and then try and get anything at all done, because your notebooks are basically now all toys.

Remember: you are now a cool kid. 

 Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. She's waiting for LEGO Piper Chapman. Follow her on Twitter at @ali_drucker.