The World's Most Overconfident Bike Light Is A Big Pair Of Swingers

Published On 05/15/2015 Published On 05/15/2015
Bike Balls

Sometimes when you're riding your bike at night, the only way to describe how you feel is...ballsy. You flirt with the line between confidence and overconfidence, swinging back and forth through traffic and doing your best to not get hit by the cars whizzing by. Most of the time, the only way to prevent that is by having a good bike light. Here's the one for you: Bike Balls. Yeah. They're exactly what you think they are. 


The Balls are made out of a durable silicone casing housing a red LED light. The big draw here is not only the—ahem—confident design aesthetic, but also the way they hang and bob, alerting others on the road of your presence. 

The light, which is controlled by a power button integrated into the silicon, has a constant light setting along with two 'party' settings, because of course it does—nothing alerts drivers like a set of flashing balls. Obviously the way to change the light setting is to squeeze the set. Just be gentle.

YouTube/Bike Balls

Bike Balls are currently collecting funding through a Kickstarter campaign, which can be found here. At release in August 2015, they'll cost you $20, but if you fund them now you can have yours for just $11.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor who knows that sometimes nothing's better than a good pair of balls.



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