This Mug Has a Heat-Powered E-Ink Screen

Decorating your coffee mug isn'tnew by any means, but Finnish company Paulig has managed to do something completely different. Essentially a smart mug, the Muki combines a go-cup with an e-ink screen so that you can display whatever image you want. You'll never have to write your name on a mug again.

The Muki syncs to your phone via Bluetooth, with an app that lets you choose your image from Facebook, Instagram, or your photo roll. It actually manages to use the heat from your coffee to power the system with a thermodynamic generator built into the bottom so you don't have to worry about batteries.

But while it's undoubtably awesome, it's not available yet, as it's a promotional product from a coffee company. However, you can sign up to be a tester. And if it's really that easy to make a heat-powered coffee cup display, this mug is only the beginning.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Gear editor of Supercompressor. He wonders what the iced coffee people are supposed to do. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.