The Apollo 11 Sweatsuit

You may never visit the furthest reaches of space, but you can still channel the great lunar explorers who put all of your life accomplishments to shame. Meet the Apollo 11 Sweatsuit, a matching sweatshirt and pants combo designed in the image of Neil Armstrong's iconic lunar mission space suit.

Houston, we have absolutely no problems.

Each pair comes an elastic drawstring waist, and faux grommet details. Accuracy is crucial when it comes to astronaut-themed loungewear, apparently.

The pull-over sweatshirt features Armstrong's name emblazoned at the top, as well an old-school NASA logo. At nearly 50% fleece, 50% polyester, and 100% awesome, the $139 price tag seems more than fair.

You may not be surfing the stars, but surfing Netflix still deserves a proper uniform. 

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She will admit that she confused Neil Armstrong and Louis Armstrong for maybe a few years longer than she should have. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.