The Poler x Airblaster Ninja Suit is Cold Weather's Worst Nightmare

Ninjas, if pop culture is to be trusted—and it is—are the fiercest fighters in the world. They're a sleek protective unit you want on your side at all times.

So it only makes sense that this winter Airblaster has teamed up with Poler to collaborate on the Merino Ninja suit, the most functional base layer on the market.  

Like the name suggests, the suit is woven with 96% Merino wool fabric and 4% Lycra (in the dapper shade of red and red only) to keep you comfy and flexible, but still warm while you're camping with temperatures below freezing. Plus, a seven-panel form-fitted hood keeps your ears extra warm under your requisite beanie.

Besides looking snazzy, the suit's fabric is odor-resistant, so you can snuggle up in your tent without feeling like a five-day-old burrito. Also: is there anything better than wearing a onesie as a grown ass woman? Nope.

Of course the Ninja suit is even great for rock climbing. Hey, if you can rock climb in the Ninja, what can't you do? And let's not forget Airblaster's trademark 350° waist zip and front fly, because when you gatta go, you gatta go. 

Last added benefit: the bright red will deter any hunter from accidentally shooting you in the back. So, there's that.

Molly McGlew is the Social Media Editor at Supercompressor. She secretly wears the Ninja suit under all of her clothes. You had no idea, did you? Follow her on Twitter @MollyMcglew.