Dominate Rivers With This Uber-Durable, Inflatable Raft

If you had an ultra-durable, high-quality raft weighing less than a watermelon, and able to fold up smaller than a camping tent—where would you take it?

This is the question you'll be able to ask yourself every day with the Alpackalypse packraft, an aquatic device capable of tackling the toughest deployments, while remaining portable enough to comfortably lug all over the world. 

As you can see, the Alpackalypse inflates in a matter of minutes and is made of urethane-coated ballistic nylon, allowing the raft to withstand the kind of punishment seen in the video below. 

The Alpackalypse retails at a cool $1,900. And just because you can take your new raft to the most dangerous waterfalls in your immediate area, doesn't mean you necessarily should.