Racecar + Snowmobile = The Snow Crawler ATV

Blazing trails in the dead of winter on a snowmobile is fun and all, but let's face facts: riding one through sub-zero temps can be brutal. That will all change, though, if the closed-cabin Snow Crawler makes it into production. 

The conceptual vehicle was dreamed up by the visionaries at the prototyping and research firm Mind Sailors. Sitting on a set of electric-powered rear treads and front skis, the sexy, aerodynamic cabin is meant to fit a single person. But unless you have crippling personal space issues, there's no good reason not to pack in as many as can fit with the doors shut. Just...maybe wear a helmet or something.

Until it actually rolls off an assembly line, its mechanical prowess is anyone's guess, but the folks who thought it up intend for it to be able to cruise uphill and jet across terrain that would trip up even the beastliest snowmobiles around, specifically "snowy road[s] forgotten by civilization."

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He would hitch a snow tube to the back of this thing in a heartbeat.