We scour the Earth to bring you the best, newest, and most enviable products money can buy. And while we don't blame you for wanting to keep all the cool stuff for yourself, it's also good to give a little. 

Here are gifts we stand behind, broken down by price point. These are things you'll probably have a hard time giving away, but they're the gifts everyone on your list will not-so-secretly like more than anything else they get. Behold, our gift guide. Go forth and get to gifting.


The Supercompressor Holiday Gift Guide

It's easy to settle for basic go-tos like socks or gift cards because they're fail-safe and don't require much thought. But remember: there are no small gifts, just small people. Even inexpensive gifts can be excellent, so gift your friends with big impact items (even if the price tag isn't extreme).

The best gifts are tailored to the recipient's specific hobbies, interests, or needs. So seek out gear that isn't necessarily a necessity, but still contributes to their overall style and happiness. Consider wall art intended for a very conspicuous blank space in your friend's apartment, or a replica military watch for the history buff who's always late.

For the guy who already has everything he needs, gifting high-quality alternatives to the items he's owned, used, and abused for years is a clever move. A spare watch or weekender goes a long way, as do those products few people would think to buy for themselves, like Poler's wearable sleeping bag, perfect for campsites and hangovers.

A gift that will last a lifetime suggests that the best is yet to come. Whether it's an enviable watch for your boss or the weekender your dad didn't know he needed, heritage pieces and get-noticed splurges prove that you care.