The Supercompressor Holiday Gift Guide

Published On 11/04/2014 Published On 11/04/2014
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We scour the Earth to bring you the best, newest, and most enviable products money can buy. And while we don't blame you for wanting to keep all the cool stuff for yourself, it's also good to give a little. 

Here are gifts we stand behind, broken down by price point. These are things you'll probably have a hard time giving away, but they're the gifts everyone on your list will not-so-secretly like more than anything else they get. Behold, our gift guide. Go forth and get to gifting.

Go beyond the bare necessities

It's easy to settle for basic go-tos like socks or gift cards because they're fail-safe and don't require much thought. But remember: there are no small gifts, just small people. Even inexpensive gifts can be excellent, so gift your friends with big impact items (even if the price tag isn't extreme).

Hand cut from a real bullet cartridge, this bottle opener is the perfect addition to any barware armory.

For the classic car aficionado, this bottle stopper will shift date night into drive.

A French press brews better, more flavorful coffee. Gift this to make bad mornings (and bad coffee) a thing of the past.

For the beer connoisseur, a set of glasses designed to bring out the aromas and flavors of pilsners, lagers, and wheat beers is a gift that keeps on giving.

A 10-in-1 bartending device is the perfect space-saver and mixology gateway tool for any cocktail drinker on your list.

Nobody should have to drink warm beer (sorry, UK).

Every aspiring mixologist needs a stand-out shaker to lessen the blow of a failed Whiskey Sour, and penguins are hilarious.

An ultra-durable cooler and camera bag makes hiking with your photog friend better and boozier.

Small luxuries speak volumes

The best gifts are tailored to the recipient's specific hobbies, interests, or needs. So seek out gear that isn't necessarily a necessity, but still contributes to their overall style and happiness. Consider wall art intended for a very conspicuous blank space in your friend's apartment, or a replica military watch for the history buff who's always late.

Nearly identical to the watches American soldiers wore in Vietnam, this timepiece works for any occasion and will be especially appreciated by history buffs.

A two-foot silver crocodile is quite possibly the best way for your friend, coworker, or brother to dress up his apartment or decorate his desk.

For the craft beer enthusiast, a 64-ounce growler (aka a five-drink capacity) will make brewery tours and picnics infinitely better.

Give your friend a rugged, mountain-tough rucksack so he looks more like a real adult, and less like a college student.

A military watch modernized with interchangeable straps is the type of timepiece that any one of your weekend warrior friends can appreciate.

Give this to your roommate to dress up boring walls, and consider it a gift for the both of you.

There's no better coffee than the siphoned kind. Give this to your boss to make his mornings more bearable (so yours will be, too).

For the guy who works at a start-up, this backpack is timeless and fits everything he could ever need.

Choice is a luxury

For the guy who already has everything he needs, gifting high-quality alternatives to the items he's owned, used, and abused for years is a clever move. A spare watch or weekender goes a long way, as do those products few people would think to buy for themselves, like Poler's wearable sleeping bag, perfect for campsites and hangovers.

A leather duffle is the kind of thing every man should own. Do a friend a favor and give this to him.

For the guy who's always traveling on business, a stand-out suitcase will make waiting at baggage claim less of a sh*tshow.

A tool specifically used for slicing the tops off Champagne bottles is the kind of gift that anyone with any common sense will appreciate.

A guy can never have too many watches, and since this one reps sleek, military vibes, it's a surefire hit.

For the guy who already has a heavy metal timepiece or two, a pared-down watch with a canvas band is refreshingly new.

Buy this (a wearable sleeping bag that can transform into a jacket, that is) for your camping buddy, or for the laziest guy you know.

Carved from a single piece of wood, gift this so your friend's home office will be more office-like and less video game cave-like.

Start planning for that guy's getaway by gifting your friend a fits-it-all weekender that can withstand years of use and abuse. If it's good for adventure-hungry snowboarders, it's good enough for your crew.

Send a future-focused message

A gift that will last a lifetime suggests that the best is yet to come. Whether it's an enviable watch for your boss or the weekender your dad didn't know he needed, heritage pieces and get-noticed splurges prove that you care.

This should survive for decades, until you and your friend are essentially the old guys from The Muppets.

Gift a pair of sexy, over-the-ear headphones to make your friend's jams sound twice as good and his morning commute half as hard.

G-Shock watches have earned their status as heavy-duty timekeepers. This piece adds bold style to any wrist, and it'll last a lifetime.

Replicating 1950s NATO-spec watches, this military-inspired timepiece boasts improved time accuracy. Buy it for your most prompt (or least, maybe) friend.

A diver's watch that boasts a classic face and modern, interchangeable straps is a timeless timepiece for the 21st century.

A military-inspired, stainless steel submariner like this is the kind of watch a man wears for his whole life.

An award-winning digital watch with a scrolling crown is a future heirloom and quite possibly the best gift you can give anyone.

Hudson's Bay makes the best blankets in the world, so this will instantly make your friend's flea market-find couch (and potential future Chesterfield) twice as good.


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