It's an indisputable fact that life is better when you're drinking well. We've shown you the most badass gadgets and the liquors worth tasting; now we're stepping in to share the gear guaranteed to take any home bar to the next level.

These products cater to every man's drinking style, from the depraved to the dignified. Gift them to the guys you care about in anticipation of a better, stronger, boozier future.


Give Gifts Worth Toasting To

You don't need a bartending license to make a cocktail at home, but you do need bartender-quality gear. Do your friends a solid by jumpstarting their at-home bar with everything from a muddler to a strainer and ice cube molds, because owning the right products goes a long way.

Sure, you could drink beer straight from the bottle or pour wine into any ol' glass, but when it comes to enjoying a drink to its fullest, the proper vessel makes a world of a difference. Give your friend a better, more enjoyable drinking experience with the products he's brushed off as unimportant for years.

For the guy who deserves to drink in style, gift barware he wouldn't think to buy for himself. Whether it's an in-bottle beer chiller or airtight wine canteen, these are the products he'll use for the rest of his life, and he'll drink better because of them.