Bring Grass To The Beach

Changing on the beach can cause a mélange of terrible problems. When standing on a sea of tiny, granular stones, it's not hard for a few of them to get a little too intimate with the skin, trapped by an errant bathing suit, sock, or piece of wetsuit neoprene. Tired of what felt like a layer of sandpaper between wetsuit and epidermis, a few surfers decided to make the Surf Grass Mat, a portable lawn for the beach to keep your feet off the sand.

Weighing just 29 ounces, this 20"x25" piece of faux-sod is made of a high-quality grass substitute—this ain't AstroTurf, son—that's a worthy stand-in for a plot of sweet Kentucky bluegrass. The Surf Grass blades work better than a towel to bristle all that sand and gunk off your feet, and also provide a comfortable pad to stand on.

But the way we see it, there's way more you can do than use this as a changing mat. Standing desk? Stand on kill-proof, office-safe grass. Need to smack golf balls off your roof? Swing away. And if you really want to make the experience complete, put a little fresh-cut grass fragrance on it, and breathe deep.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He appreciates a good lawn. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.