The Surfer's Skateboard

Forget lobster and steak — Salt Skateboards are the ultimate incarnation of surf and turf. Salt Surf, a NYC-based surfboard company, has strayed from its typical products to bring the skateboarding world a beautifully crafted, 100 percent sturdy walnut deck with durable maple veneers. At 22 inches long, this skateboard is a bit shorter than most cruisers, but the sprayed-on clear grip tape and kicked-out tail allows you to ride/ollie with style and ease.

These guys aren't kidding around. These decks are high quality, handcrafted pieces of art. So, wherever you take your board, you've got to make damn sure it doesn't get busted up — because this thing's a beauty. Better rethink that nollie backside heelflip you've been trying to land.

Jeremy Glass once tried to skateboard — yada yada yada — now his leg aches when it's going to rain.