The 'Catch Me If You Can'-Inspired Luggage

In a union of chic style and intuitive design, iconic luxury menswear brand Turbull & Asser has joined forces with luggage aficionados Globe-Trotter to create the Catch Me If You Can travel case collection. Fear not, this limited-edition series isn’t trying to con you out of anything. 

With vulcanised fibreboard (say that five times fast) sides and a lightweight retractable handle, its beguiling good looks and convenient 18 and 21-inch sizes make it a sturdy, and studly, carry-on.

Both brands specialize in bespoke pieces, and that comes as no surprise when looking at the level of custom detail on these cases. Handmade in England, they boast accents like leather-enforced corners and crafted wooden handles, which help this case transition from briefcase to suitcase in just a flip.

The interior is fashioned from Turnbull & Asser's signature two-fold blue gingham, the same fabric they use in their luxurious shirts that even Mr. Bond himself can't stay away from. Finished off with top-notch metal-worked locks and leather buckles for added security, these cases will make you forget about that economy ticket in your pocket.

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. She would help you cover up your bank fraud if you carried one of these. Follow her on Twitter @ali_drucker.