The 360-Degree Action Cam

In the past year, action cams have risen even higher in quality, providing unbelievable resolution in a minuscule package. Resolutions and weight, of course, will keep improving, but what about adding something else?

Well, we just got touchscreen, but thanks to a VSN Mobil's V.360, we're getting 360-degree video.

Using a mirror, the V.360 is able to capture a full panorama view of whatever's going on, making it perfect for situations where you can't really direct the camera, like while you're surfing. Instead of two GoPros, V.360 grabs it all.

Getting the 360-degree thing to work is a bit of a challenge for a camera. Since the angles are captured using a curved lens, it captures a circular image with sort of a hole in the center. Cleverly, the V.360 can de-warp the video and smooth everything out into a coherent panorama so you don't puke while watching it. This method, instead of doing the post-processing in the app, makes the whole process smoother.

If you want to see a live preview or share the video—up to 6480x1080—V.360 has an iOS and Android app to make things a little easier (see main photo above). While cameras are getting better and smaller, they still work better when you can check to see what the camera's seeing.

Aside from the 4K imagery, the V.360 has a ton of icing on the cake, including a fleet of environmental sensors that can track GPS location, acceleration, barometric pressure, and altitude, giving your edits a little context. 

We don't know what's next after 360-degree videography, but with more and more companies like VSN Mobil pushing the boundaries, we're excited to find out.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. An action cam video of his day so far would be very boring. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.