The Week's Best Gear: High-End Audio, Razors, and Better Bike Visibility

It's been a good week for gear. Here are our favorite things we saw.

Lexdray x Bamford - $75
In a collaboration with Bamford, Lexdray has a new watch roll made of ballistic nylon so your babies stay safe when they're out of the winder and not safely on your wrist. Lined with microfleece, the roll has three slots and room for a watch tool.

Shavette Straight Razor - $55
If you are married to the convenience of disposable razors but are still trying to up your shaving game, Shavette has an interesting solution—a classic straight razor with disposable blades. No stropping or sharpening, just shaving the right way.

Mountain Khakis Yak Shirt - $105
You've done the Merino thing. But have you tried the yak thing? This might be the most comfortable shirt ever produced, and it's got some killer après ski vibes.

Richer Poorer x Topo Dopp Kit - $68
Topo, master of collaborations, is at it again, and has just teamed up with Richer Poorer for a holiday dopp kit. Aside from the standard Cordura excellence of Topo's bag, it comes with Ursa Major shaving cream, two pairs of socks, greater goods charcoal soap, and a razor.

Meridian Explorer 2 DAC - $299
To squeeze all the sound out of your high-end headphones, it helps to use a digital-to-analog converter. Using USB instead of your headphone jack, the 50-gram Meridian Explorer 2 upscales the audio files into a ridiculous 24-bit/192kHz resolution. Using this with your headphones is like taking a Ferrari off the road and to the track.

Krabu Rustic Brown Pullup - $240
Oliberté puts their knowledge of leather to a new use with the Rustic Brown Pullup. Comfortable to wear and as durable as leather should be, Oliberté launched Gorilla Wax, a waterproofing wax for its leather goods, so you can keep the pack dry.

Light in Motion VIS180 Silver Moon - $100
Recently, Bike League's stats alarmingly showed most bicycle deaths resulted from crashes from behind. With that in mind, rear light brightness is just as important as headlight power. For Light in Motion, this just isn't a problem, as their Silver Moon rear light tosses off 70 massive lumens and is visible from the sides. It won't keep you safe, but it'll sure help.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. Follow him on Instagram.