The Week's Best Gear: Cable-Knit Pants, Shwood Rx, and Limited Edition Oakleys

We aren't going to mention the "C" word until after Thanksgiving, but you know it's coming. We have you covered.

Alite x Boreas Waxed Canvas - $190
With a combination of retro influence, playful designs, and outdoor cred, Alite's upped their game by collaborating with Boreas, using their phenomenal suspension system. Weatherproof, comfortable, and good looking, this is what a commuter bag should look like.

Snow Peak Mixed-Knit Pants - $150
We've seen plenty of cable-knit sweaters. But cable-knit pants? Snow Peak has just taken the lounge pant to a whole new level.

Oakley Limited Collections - $TBD
Oakley collaborated with a pair of visual artists who airbrushed 26 pairs of shades. They're on display at the Oakley Store right now and will go on sale December 1, online and at Oakley Stores.

Quiksilver Ag47 Amphibian Shoes - $79
Made for people going from water to land and back, Quiksilver's new Amphibian shoes are great for those who don't like to wear socks. Aesthetically different from other amphibious footwear like Tevas, Chacos, or Keen, these kicks provide a fresher and more stylish option than sandals. They hit stores on Christmas.

Suitsupply Eveningwear - $569+
Suitsupply, one of the best values in men's suiting available, just launched a new evening wear collection. They have some phenomenal options if you need to go black tie, including the classic Connery midnight blue.

Shwood Rx - $250+
Finally, Shwood has gone clear. Using frames made entirely from wood or with wooden touches, Shwood's new prescription line really gets it right, producing some unarguably unique specs.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He heard Christmas music yesterday and is furious about it. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.