The Week's Best Gear: Cashmere Hats, $10k Barware, & Porsche's New Watch

It's been a good week, people. Here's some of the good stuff we got into.

Cafe du Cycliste Fall Collection - $150+
This small boutique cycling brand's gear consistently impresses us with their ability to boast gorgeous designs without sacrificing performance. If you can be comfortable and drop dead gorgeous on your ride, why wouldn't you?

Mountain Hardwear's Super Compressor Jacket - $295
Named after us? Maybe. Regardless, it's one of our favorite non-bulky insulated jackets. Made with MH's Thermal Q-Elite, it'll keep you warm even if you get it wet, unlike down. We've taken it to Canada and we're glad to have it. Winter's coming.

Alite Hatcher - $175
You don't see a ton of external frame packs on the trail these days—they just don't really make them anymore. But they're great! Alite's bringing them back in all their retro glory. Your grandfather will approve of this pack. And it's a lifetime guarantee.

Man Crates' World Series Barware - $80 or $10,000
It's October, and Man Crates is helping you do the World Series in style—if you're a Giants fan. If you're into those Royals, the barware crate is $10,000. If you do buy it however, you get flown to SF to see a game with the company CEO.

Aether Cashmere Hat - $95
Is a navy watch cap made of cashmere going overboard? Absolutely not, you'll wear it every day this winter. That cashmere sweater? Maybe once a week.

Shinola Limited Edition Pocket Watch - $1,000
To honor Henry Ford's contributions to the American auto industry. Shinola is making a limited-edition run of pocket watches. They come with a coffee table bock as well. Unfortunately, that book does not turn into its own coffee table.

Alpine Headphones - $299 (at the Apple Store)
You know them from your car stereo, but Alpine's making a play for your off-road ears. Running off a 10-hour battery, they have a pulsing bass transducer that makes you feel like you're at a live show. They're pretty aggressive—and that's a good thing here.

Barrett Alley Whim Wham Wallet - $545
Made by hand from a piece of single bark tanned deerskin, these Barrett Alley wallets are lined with 18th century cotton inspired by old rugs. They're making five. Could be good for the future grandkids.

Porsche Designs No. 1 Watch - $TBA
Porsche has never actually made their own watches entirely in house—until now. This 42-millimeter murdered-out chronograph looks absolutely breathtaking. It's got a power reserve that can keep the Valjoux 7750 movement going for 48 hours.

Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Natural Soap - $6
You couldn't conceivably smell any manlier than this unless you used that stuff elephants excrete when they're in musth (you'll want to click through that link). But that stuff wouldn't get you clean.

Bell Schott 60 Year Jacket - $900
The original motorcycle helmet company has teamed up with the original American motorcycle jacket brand to create this numbered limited-edition jacket.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He used to have a moped, but never really used it because bikes exist.