The Week's Best Gear: Down Shirts, Power Knives, and New Patagonia

It was a good week for gear. Fall's officially here, new iPhone accessories for those fat 6's are on the way, Patagonia's shaking things up, and Cannondale's making bikes even faster. Here's some good stuff we've rounded up this week.

Chrome Warm Vest and Shacket - $170
Chrome's new reversible vest and shacket (shirt + jacket, duh) is warm, visible for nighttime biking, and looks damn good. Just another example of these urban bike enthusiasts getting it right.

Patagonia's Truth To Materials Collection 
Using a bunch of reclaimed cotton, wool, and down, Patagonia's new collection shakes up their look and brings a minimalist aesthetic to their legendary quality and attention to detail.

The City Grill - $449
Smokeless and flameless, this tabletop grill can do up to 600°F. As a former reviewer of grills, I can say this cooks via conductive heating—not radiation—but those temps will still net you a killer Maillard reaction, giving you those awesome browned flavors.

Brunton Revolt 9000 - $99 
Providing up to six phone charges, this USB powerbank is about as bombproof as they get.

Ninox Collection
A new brand that combines technical outdoorsy fabrics with a slightly more stylish aesthetic, these guys have some stuff worth paying attention to for the street or the trail.

Raen x Poler - $170
Need some shades? Poler's new collab with Raen has three solid styles with a ton of frame and lens options.

Snap! 6 - $35
Adding a better lens and a physical shutter button onto your iPhone, all the capable megapixels in its sensor just got a lot more valuable. Leave the bulky camera at home—you've got one at the ready from now on.

Cannondale 2015 Slice TT Black Inc - $10,830
'Dale just debuted their Slice time trial bike, and it's pretty nuts. It's got some severe Batmobile status and is built to win. Catch it under the new Slipstream/Cannondale team next year. Oh, and there are cheaper versions if you don't want to take out a mortgage on your wheels.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supecompressor. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.