The Week's Best Gear: Levi's, Shinola, and Scooter Belts

Big week, folks. Scooters are now belts, people can now make their own batteries, and Breitling got down. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Read on.

Eddie Bauer's 1936 Skyliner Jacket - $249
Eddie Bauer might have evolved considerably from the good ol' days, but they haven't forgotten their roots, bringing back their iconic Skyliner jacket. Made with 550-fill down and some contemporary materials, this is an updated take on a classic design.

Adam Torok's Belt Scooter - $NA
This student design project is based on the theory that only portable methods of transportation will survive. We're not sold, but we are sold on this scooter—which is also a belt. The design may need some aesthetic tweaks to get it in line with what you're wearing, but the concept is undeniably awesome.

Breitling Transocean Chronograph Edition - $5,000+
This new two-tone masterpiece from Breitling has a unique double-back design, woven stainless bracelet, and a flashy 47-jewel Breitling 01 calibre with a 70 hour power reserve. A+, Breitling.

Leeo - $99
There's a ton of smart home stuff out there, but Leeo aims to keep it simple by focusing on the essentials—the lives of you and your family. Nightlight, carbon monoxide detector, and smoke alarm, Leeo is set up on your WiFi so it'll tell you and your family if something happens. With a regular alarm, it'll just beep forever.

Levi's California at Alternative - $68-250
This 1960s-inspired—yet modern—collection from America's original denim company is very California with prints, contrasting colors, yet also has some simple stuff. Fortunately, Alternative is making it available out side of the Golden State in SoHo (NYC) and on their website.

Wheel Shields - $49
Is your skateboard splashing you? Do you wish you could stand on the wheels? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, you need Wheel Shields. Part ridiculous and part genius, these little fenders allow you to stand on your board in a new way, eliminate wheel bite, and keep things a little big funky. They're made of aircraft aluminum, and should make your wheels last longer as well.

Shinola Black Blizzard - $1,500
Shinola's gone titanium with the new Black Blizzard, which takes the Runwell and makes it, well, lighter and stronger—because that's what titanium does. Hand-built in Detroit—like most of the music playing through the Supercompressor headphones—this watch also comes with a coffee table book on the dust storm that gave the watch its name. However, the book does not have its own legs to become its own coffee table if you don't have one. You'll have to hit the Ikea.

Powertrekk - $124
We've seen tons of solar chargers for your phone—the Waka Waka is one of the coolest—but we've never seen one that runs off of salt and water. Besides using this as a battery charged by your computer, the Powertrekk has a fuel cell that will literally charge your phone using salt and water—instantly. No more waiting for the sun to charge your battery.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He is not solar powered or salt-water powered, and now will go house a burrito. Follow him on Instagram.