The Week's Best Gear: LED Clocks, Vintage Filson, and Sexy Ski Shades

Unseasonably cold temperatures shouldn't stop you from getting down with some serious '80s ski vibes, rugged vintage bags, and zombie survival gear. Dig in for the best of the best this week.

Grain Audio Solid Wood Headphones - $199
The first thing you'll notice about these wood headphones is the weight—they're incredibly light and smell like a cabin in the woods. Solid walnut enclosures give these over-the-ear headphones style, and the sound, well, speaks for itself.

Julbo Megève Sunglasses - $70
Channel your inner alpine ski champ with this reintroduction of an iconic '80s slope look. Spectron polycarbonate lens technology blocks out 88 percent of light, making them perfect for city or snow glare.

Z.A.P.S. Gear Survival Grenade - $75
Standing for Zombie Apocalypse Paracord Survival Gear, ZAPS offers up this personal survival pack with all the gear you need to stave off Z-Day in the wilderness, conveniently assembled in a compact satchel. Complete with wire saw, fish hooks, compass, knife blade, and paracord. The only thing you're missing is a getaway vehicle

Human Time Project's Centurion Watch - $170
This limited edition (they're only making 100) timepiece from HTP boasts a handsome embossed alligator strap and stainless steel body. Its Miyota movement and waterproof casing make it a durable addition to your collection. Plus, they'll donate a watch to a healthcare worker in a developing country for each one they sell. Do good, look good.

Restored Filson Bags - $635
Filson is releasing a collection of 10 restored bags per week, giving you the chance to own a unique piece with rare color combos and a distinctive "patina from use." With all of the durability and hand-stiched details you've come to expect from these guys, the longevity of their gear is just further proof these bags wear in, not out.

JBL Horizon - $99.95
JBL's newest audio accessory wants to make getting up in the morning a little less miserable. Impossible? Probably, but if anything can help, it's this alarm clock with LED ambient light to wake you up gently and gradually. Bluetooth and dual USBs ports to charge your devices don't hurt, either.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. Disney World be damned, her bed is the happiest place on Earth. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.