The Week's Best Gear: Tesla Racks, Portable Heat Seats, And Down Jackets

December is here, and we're definitely preoccupied with staying warm—hence the abundance of jackets below. You, too, should be preparing for winter. It's coming soon.

Eddie Bauer MicroTherm StormDown Hooded Jacket - $159
Two things set this phenomenal down jacket apart from the competition: its price and its cut. First of all, any decent 800-fill jacket in the $200 price range is a steal. But what we love most about it? The slim, athletic fit that doesn't feel like a sleeping bag. Not as cozy in certain circumstances, maybe, but a little more useful when you're outside.

Whispbar x Tesla - $449
We had the good fortune of testing out the Whispbar roof rack system on a Tesla. Roof racks aren't usually considered sleek or design-oriented per se, but the Whispbar jived incredibly well with Elon Musk's electric supercar. If you're in the market for a roof rack but are worried about ruining the sleek lines of your car, the Whispbar might be the move.

JBL Synchros S400BT - $229
There's nothing worse than turning your body while at the computer and having the cord take down a beer onto your keyboard. With Bluetooth headphones like the JBL Synchros, it's simply not an issue—you can get up and roam around cordless. The Synchros sound is full and delivers a surprisingly punchy bass, which had us impressed. And if you're working, the stainless steel headband offers all-day comfort.

Nau Down Collection - $230+
If you're after that unmistakeable warmth of a puffy down jacket but want something a little bit off the beaten path, check out Nau's new down collection. They have a down shirt, a down full-zip sweater, blazer, and a unique-looking hoody that eschew the classic quilt patterns, for the most part.

Brunton HeatSync - $89
How have we not seen a heated seat out of a car before? It's pretty genius and perfect for everything from a sports game to a cold apartment.

Icebreaker Legacy Coat - $449
If you're not down for down's casual look, there's nothing wrong with staying with classic wool. Black, classic, and very warm, IceBreaker's 380 heavyweight merino wool makes for a coat that doesn't trade performance for its refined look.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.