The Windows 95 Backpack

Guys, remember when Windows 95 was the best operating system out there? There was literally nothing better. You would turn on your computer, wait roughly 30 minutes for the thing to boot up, navigate Windows' labyrinth of a startup menu, log onto AOL, power through the dial-up song-and-dance, and talk to pedophiles from Michigan about anime.

Man, the Internet was really something back then and someone has decided to pay tribute to those "glory" days with this Windows 95 Backpack

You've got all the best aspects of 95 plastered all over the backpack: MS Paint, Solitaire, and that vomit-colored hue of green that filled in all the cracks on the screen. This might be the only time pining over the past can lead to a convenient way to carry all your books. 

Until you can get your hands on one of these guys, sit back and enjoy the sounds of your youth—but just keep in mind how much easier it is to pirate movies these days. Sweet, sweet Internet speed. What an age we live in. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and, despite what his mom thinks she saw, was not looking at naked pictures of women that one night in 1997.