Finally, A Camping Lantern That Repels Insects

Normally mosquitos are drawn to flames moth drawn to a flame! And they're absolutely the most horrible, itchiest part of camping. This isn't the case when you pack the Thermacell Repellent Lantern, which promises to deliver a respectable 300 lumens of light, along with 50 hours of keeping mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-ums away, all on a single D-cell battery. Now, the only red bumps on your body after a night of camping with your buddies are totally your own fault. Hey, no one's judging.

The lantern uses an all-natural means of beating those little beats, mimicking a bug-repelling compound found in chrysanthemum flowers.

It's a solution fit for your porch, your picnic, or any other outdoor setting normally plagued by swarms upon swarms of mini blood suckers, and it's here just in time for spring.