Your Coke Bottle Cap Is Now A Pencil Sharpener

Coke bottles are legendary for being the most omnipresent item in all the world's litter. They even made a movie about one discarded into an African bush which caused an international incident. With that perhaps on the forefront of Coca-Cola's public relations agenda, the company has made some custom caps that will turn that litter into something a little more useful—like a Supersoaker or a felt-tip pen.

Among the phoenixes that rise out of the, um, trashes, are a pencil sharpener, a whistle, a dumbell, a bubble blower, and a shampoo dispenser. This campaign is Coke's effort to get Vietnam to start recycling more, but we hope they give away some of this stuff stateside.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He reckons Coke was secretly invented by the dental industry. Hear more conspiracy theories on his Twitter @ewolffmann.