Jukebox The Ghost knows how to mix and match. Vocalist and pianist Ben Thornewill, drummer Jesse Kristin, and guitarist Tommy Siegel's brand of “brainy pop” draws regular comparisons with Billy Joel, Supergrass, Queen and Regina Spektor. And that’s leaving aside their own prog-rock influences, or the band's name -- formed from each member's one-word contribution. They hail from Philadelphia, formed at George Washington University in 2003, and now call Brooklyn home.
Despite the February release of the band’s fourth album, and an upcoming appearance at SXSW, Jukebox took time out to tell us about the every day essentials that keep this touring band on the same page. Until Ben realizes his spy ambitions, that is. 

Anthony Humphreys

Jesse Kristin

Grado SR 325e Headphones -- $295
Handcrafted in Brooklyn for generations, Grado headphones feature proprietary SpaceBlack Polycarbonate housing for clear tone, and top-shelf precious metal, Rhodium, to prevent corrosion.
"These headphones look cool and feel good. They stylishly transmit music. What else does one need?"

With: "I was born in October and have a pumpkin tattoo. I am an Autumn fanatic. I love scarves and usually begin wearing them around the last week of August through May. To me, the scarf is a crucial fashion accessory and a statement of my not-so-common love of crisp weather and dimmer days."

Anthony Humphreys

Coach Andrew Oxford -- $295
A wardrobe staple in hand-burnished Italian calf skin, soled with vegetable-tanned leather.
"Slick black shoes, to match my stack of black jeans. A good-looking pair of black shoes is a friend -- rather, two! I love socks because I can wear polka dots with literally every outfit."

Anthony Humphreys

Tommy Siegel

Of All Threads 2 Pack Ribbed Shoreman Beanie -- $9.99
You can never have too many.
"Why can't I live without it? I am ashamed of my hair. Well, not really. But I do like a good beanie."

Anthony Humphreys

Coach Campus Backpack in Refined Pebble Leather -- $495
This refined pebble leather backpack is more sophisticated than a sports bag, less stuffy than a briefcase.
"Without it, I would have nowhere to put my speaker. Also, it holds other stuff too -- as long as it's smaller than a breadbox."

Native Union Monocle Personal Speaker and Speaker Phone -- $49.99
"I like music. But what I like even more than music itself is imposing my musical will on strangers. This allows me to do both."


Anthony Humphreys

Coach Bleecker Three Hand Strap Watch -- $398
The blackout version of the Bleecker Three Hand features an ion-plated case, black dial and black leather strap. Like all Coach watches, it is water resistant to 99 feet.
"What time is it? Funny you should ask -- I've got it RIGHT HERE. No more digging in my pocket for a cell phone."

Anthony Humphreys

Ben Thornewill

Raen Remmy Sunglasses -- $135 
The Remmy is a unisex compromise between aviator- and wayfarer-style frames, handcrafted in lightweight acetate with polarized Carl Zeiss Vision lenses.
"Essential for going incognito. I have aspirations of one day being a private eye and so I am getting practice now. Also - I think they look cool."

Coach Leather Trainer -- $1,100
The hoodie jacket, elevated. It features side zips for an adjustable fit and hidden zipped pockets.

With: "My gray sweater keeps me warm. A warm me = a happy me. A happy me = a better spy (see: sunglasses). So gray sweater = better spy. Also, I love a good coffee almost more than anything else. I am like Jekyll and Hyde pre- and post-coffee. I'll let you figure out which is which."

Coach Arnold Boot -- $345
A classic Chelsea-style boot, available in calf leather or suede. 

Anthony Humphreys

ZERO GRAVITY Silver Mirror iPhone 6 Case -- $32
Avoid selfie disasters with an iPhone case that doubles as a mirror (another reason to invest in polarized sunglasses). 
"I am a frequent dropper of expensive things. Phones, computers, babies etc. This case not only protects my phone but forces me to look myself in the eye and confront my clumsiness when I pick it up.  Also, it is good for spying (see above)."


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