This Water Filter Can Transform A Puddle Into A Drinkable Water Fountain

Sick of lugging around water bottles in the wild to avoid contaminated water sources? Annoyed when you have to buy overpriced water bottles on those burning hot summer days? Whichever camp you fall in, the Aquaovo Alter Ego personal water filtration system sets you up to be fully hydrated literally anywhere there's water.

The Alter Ego system—available in two styles, Outdoor and Globetrotter—filters out all kinds of nasty contaminants that others don't even take into consideration. The $64.99 Outdoor model has a 99.99% contaminant reduction rate while the $74.99 Globetrotter model has a mind-boggling 99.9999% rate—so you can feel safe dipping your bottle into whatever water source you can find.

As an added bonus, when you pick up one of these bad boys, part of the proceeds goes to ONE DROP, an international non-profit that develops sustainable water access products around the world. So you can share the hydrated love. Win-win.