This Down Jacket Turns Into A Neck Pillow

Take any bus or Amtrak in the winter and you'll see scores of people leaning up against the cold window, using their down jacket as a pillow. It makes total sense: it's puffy, comfortable, and readily available since the bus's heat has been turned up to "uncomfortable."

Noticing this trend, Tumi Pax Outerwear figured they'd get a jump on things, creating the Patrol Travel Puffer Jacket, a classic down jacket that converts into a travel neck pillow.

Hidden behind a zipper in the collar is a pillow-sized stuff sack that you can take out. Simply roll up the jacket and stuff it into the sack, and it magically becomes a travel pillow. It's surprising that this hasn't been done before. If you see any other low hanging fruit out there, make a Kickstarter and give us a holler

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He is down with down innovation. He apologizes for that pun. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.