This Spray Bottle Is Packed With Melatonin To Help You Pass Out

Published On 03/13/2015 Published On 03/13/2015
Sprayable Sleep

Who would have guessed the secret to instant slumber could be packaged in a such a tiny bottle?

No one, probably. But that's exactly what Sprayable Sleep promises, insisting the trick to speedy, refreshing dormancy lies in their simple blend of melatonin, H20, and tyrosine—all delivered in a few swift spritzes. Finally, a way to knock yourself out that doesn't involve an excess quantity of Jack Daniels and a morning of awkward apologies. 

Sprayable Sleep

Sprayable Sleep claims to deliver melatonin in a safe, non-addicting way, mimicking the body's natural production. Personally, I'm going to need some proof before I believe spaying melatonin on my velvety flesh will do anything but deliver a painful rash, let alone help me fall asleep.

Despite the questionable practicality, my advice: Spray first, ask questions later.

Though I do say that about most things. And that's probably why I have so many rashes. 



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