The Week's Best Gear: Modified Rolexes, Pocket Square Cleaners, and More

So much gear, so little time. Here's the best stuff we caught in our nets this week.

Koss Studio Pro4S - $149
If you're the kind of person who used to spend the extra dollar at the iTunes Store to get the 320 kbps quality, check out the Koss Studio 4S. Tuned for studio listening applications, they're comfortable for long periods of time (if you have a relatively thin head) and hit above their price class.

Cadence Raw Denim - $110
We've seen some awesome cycling denim from Levi's, Rapha, and other big names, and now Cadence is doing it, only different this time—they're going raw. Might as well break them in from scratch, right? Reinforced in the places that matter, these are perfect for the commuter rotation.

Declan Squared Winter Collection - $30
Pocket squares have no practical use aside from adding a splash of color to the front of your jacket. We don't use them as handkerchiefs because we don't have grandkids, but thanks to Declan Squared, they can still be useful as a touchscreen-cleaning cloth, or for polishing glasses, lenses, and phones.

Bamford's Rolex Milgauss "Aftershock" - $Price on Application
Bamford recently tricked out a limited edition Milgauss with a special 3D honeycomb pattern, reminiscent of 1950s designs. On the outside, the Milgauss has been given a titanium treatment, making it even more of a tricked out timepiece. As such an exclusive item, its price is only available when you apply to buy it.

Maple Set Knives - $120
Fresh off their Red Dot design award last year, these knives are up for preorder! Maple on one side and German stainless on the other, they're a unique way to spice up the kitchen.

Mondaine Helvetica - $455
Mondaine shook up their classic Swiss Railway Clock design with a new series of watches based on another Swiss icon—Helvetica. Made with ultra-accurate Swiss quartz, these watches feature 24 characters of what might be the coolest typeface of all time.

Pulse Portable Solar Panel - $69
If you're camping and just can't break away from the email, the Pulse solar panel is exactly what you need to shamefully ignore the outdoors. Attaching to your backpack, the weatherproof Pulse can charge with the sun or USB.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. Follow him on Instagram.