This Tool Fits In That Tiny Pocket On Your Jeans

Look down. Chances are, you'll see four functional pockets on your jeans. Then you see that one measly, useless flap that seems more like a cruel joke cooked up by Levi Strauss. That pouch collecting lint is called your "fifth pocket," (oh, cool) and finally, there's something useful you can fit in there besides wadded up dollar bills and a condom, because that's all anyone's ever used that pocket for. 

Enter the Titanium 5th Pocket Hex Tool. The perfect pocket companion that opens your beers—along with a whole host of other functions—and slides discreetly back into your jeans.

The Hex Tool is made of titanium (surprise!) and features four open-end wrenches of varying sizes, as the center functions as a bit-driver. The fifth, flat edge can be used as a scraper or pryer, while the last, and perhaps most useful, is your trusty bottle opener. Finally, and because the guys behind this thing understand how hard it is to actually remove anything from that inexplicably tight pocket, it can be attached to a lanyard for convenient retrieval. 

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. She doesn't wear jeans all that frequently. Follow her on Twitter @ali_drucker.