Topo Designs' 2 Unsurprisingly Awesome New Collaborations

It's no secret that we love Topo Designs. Aesthetically, their take on classic hiking gear feels updated in a quirky and idiosyncratic way that keeps it from seeming like simple reissue. And their use of modern technical fabrics reminds us they know what's really important in outdoor gear: performance.

Another thing Topo has consistently done well is collaborate with other brands, and they're back in tandem with watersport aficionados Howler Brothers for a new project—Topo x Howler—and something coming down the pike with Salomon, French kings of gear.

Topo X Howler Klettersack 15L - $179
The Klettersack, German for climbing backpack, is Topo's flagship product, and one of our favorites. Made of solid Cordura that keeps the elements under control, this gorgeous pack adorned with leather accents has been shrunk slightly to a 15-liter size for something a little more mobile.

Topo X Howler Field Bag - $119
Since Howler's a water-based brand, it seems only fitting that a field bag would be in order. Perfect for fly-fishing, photography, or as that murse you always wanted but never felt you could really pull off, the Field Bag's padded interior and strap keeps you and your holstered gear feeling good.

Topo X Howler Snapback - $27
For whatever reason, corduroy hats aren't as popular as they used to be, but it's a scientific fact that they yield 5,000 percent more compliments. Throwing it back to the classic lids sold by ski mountains and other rural institutions, Topo and Howler's corduroy hat keeps it, well, classic.

Topo X Salomon - $TBD
In addition to Topo's collaboration with Howler Brothers, they've announced a new thing they've got going on with Salomon, bringing the French Alps and Rockies together. Slated to come out in spring 2015, we'll have to wait a while, but their leather detailing and co-branded logos come together into something we'd love to have behind us. On our backs.

Topo X Salomon Instinct Pro - $TBD
Topo hasn't done footwear, so this is likely to be music to the ears of any Topo Designs fan. These striking shoes feature un-dyed leather and neon at the forefront. While we might be wary of a company venturing into the complex world of footwear, we're pretty confident considering Salomon's wealth of shoemaking know-how.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He used to wear nerdy Salomon technical sneakers on an everyday basis. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.