The New Tough Mudder Obstacles Include Fire

Published On 04/02/2014 Published On 04/02/2014
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Tough Mudder, the endurance "race" series based off of military obstacle courses, has put more than 1.3 million people through the many gauntlets it has designed. Storied speed bumps such as Arctic EnemaElectroshock Therapy, and Everest all require the utmost fitness, cunning, and toughness to tackle. In an effort to constantly shake things up for its participants, Tough Mudder is introducing a few choice obstacles for the coming 2014 season.

Human Pyramid
While old standby Everest — a greased half-pipe — was technically climbable without help, this wall is not. To successfully complete this, you'll need to work with a bunch of people to literally make a human pyramid to toss one lucky member over the other side. Since the number of people required is probably more than your team, you get to make friends.

Family Feud
Until recently, Tough Mudder spectators were just that: spectators. Family Feud aims to change it up, allowing spectators to toss giant buoys at participants as they try to walk across a precarious beam. Though they look light, they are actually heavy and are uncatchable, guaranteeing some pretty sweet dance moves up on that beam.

Pole Dancer
Perhaps the most physically challenging of the new obstacles, this hurdle tasks participants to cross a pit of water on two rails, using their upper body to support them through as their legs will be submerged in water too deep to stand. It's pretty much like a dip-version of the monkeybars.

The most visually impressive of the new obstacles, Vesuvius isn't actually that tough — as long as you can handle going down a giant slide through a jet of burning propane. But don't worry, if you catch fire you're headed for a big pool of icewater. This is how you keep your body guessing.

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