Meet the New Tudor Heritage Ranger

Since their return to the U.S. market, Tudor's stock has been rising in the watch community thanks to watches like the Tudor Black Bay. At times overshadowed by their imposing sibling Rolex, Tudor has put their best foot forward of late, releasing the Heritage Ranger at this year's BaselWorld.

As the "Heritage" in its name implies, this new Ranger is inspired by the Tudor Rangers of the late sixties, which were the definitive no-nonsense watches of their day. There is no excess styling on these pieces — just a simple stainless case and a dial with large, easy-to-read digits at three, six, nine, and twelve, like its cousin the Rolex Explorer. But while the new Ranger keeps some of the vintage touches, such as the painted-on dial markers, the size is enlarged slightly to modern tastes. Purists be damned, Tudor seems to say.

The Ranger comes on a bracelet or a choice of straps, from classic leather, "bund"-style leather, or a camo (yes, camo) cloth strap, apparently woven by the same people who do the Vatican's robes. From that bizarre detail to the 41-millimeter diameter, there are certainly some modern attributes to the Heritage Ranger — an interesting compromise of past and present that is sure to keep Tudor's stock up.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Gear editor of Supercompressor. He has always had a watch tan sunburn. Do you know what that is? Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.