The Ugly Christmas Suit

When an ugly sweater just isn't formal enough for your swanky holiday party, don your finest tacky Christmas suit and let the festivities commence. Because there's nothing like a 100% polyester suit to tell the world: "I'm a man of great importance."

Available in three different but equally visually arresting styles, these threads from OppoSuits come with pants, jacket, and tie and are meant to be worn with a shirt and complete lack of inhibition. This particular model is called "Treemendous." Let that sink in.

Now feast your eyes on The Rudolph. Who needs reindeer games when you look like this?

And finally, "The Christmaster." Master of...Christ? This just got weird. Or, weirder. 

Previously out of stock, Amazon is coming through to ensure your holiday season is a classy one and can ship it to you in time for Christmas for just $109 a piece. Whew. 

If the suit makes the man, these will make you joyous, vibrant, and probably kind of sweaty.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She loves a man in polyester. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.