Handsome Camera Bags for Handsome Camera People

Founded by two brothers with a passion for fashion, design, and photography, VENQUE is a brand that strictly caters to stylish photographers who want their camera bags to be as perfect as their photographs. When it comes to craftsmanship, these bags were designed and created with no detail left unscrutinized. 

They're made to carry everything you've got: the Amsterdam Backpack can fit up to two cameras, six lenses, and everything else you need for a busy shoot: cables, a laptop, batteries, chargers, an we said, everything. 

Let's talk more about the design. VENQUE has invented their own line of material, Quanta Fabric, a water-resistant, dust-repellent, high density, and stain-resistant fabric. So you can be caught in a tornado and take pictures of the funnel cloud as you're swirling around like a boss. 

You can also go camera-free and use the bags for whenever you feel like picking up and venturing outside in the world. With a laptop compartment, adjustable buckles, foam pad for your back, and rain cover, everything—including yourself—is covered. 

These dudes fully admit that they're obsessed with every detail of their products, and the brothers' accrued years in the fabric industry is made obvious with the sheer sexiness of these bags. Almost makes you want to go out and buy a camera. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and has 12 rolls of film he needs to get developed.