Venroy Sydney's Swim Shorts Keep Things Very Thunderball

An Australian company based right by the water, Venroy Sydney is a swimwear brand that has captured our attention with the heavy dose of Thunderball in their design language. With a variety of prints, colors, and securing methods (something you should always pay attention to when choosing a suit), these Aussies blend the lines between classic Connery and modern style, while maintaing durability against salt and chlorine.

MyMiami - $119
After checking out the pools of Miami while on a trip to Florida, inspiration struck the Venroy "Boardshort Architects" who came out with these trunks. Secured by a classic drawstring, this style is the most casual of the collection — even with the tucked-in shirt and watch.

Powder Blue - $99
Besides funky patterns, there's plenty of classic colors in the mix, like this powder blue — Sean Connery's color from Thunderball. Instead of a drawstring, these use a button and fly to keep yourself decent.

Navy - $129
With belt loops, buttons, and a fly, these solid-color shorts are available not in a range of sizes, but in a definitive "30" or "32." Finally you can get away with wearing your bathing suit casually around — at least if you're Sean Connery, who occasionally rocked his trunks with a belt

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He is not a strong swimmer. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.