Vint & York's Glasses Are Quite The Spectacle

Finding the perfect pair of glasses is like dating in college: you're going to fall head-over-heels in-love about ten different times. Vint & York is about the almighty freedom of choice — the knowledge that you can have more than one perfect pair of glasses. It's a beautiful relationship between you and ten beautiful women. Clearly, our love for this eyewear brand has risen to a weird new level of prescription polyamory — so we thought we'd share the affection and give you the skinny on a few of our favorite pairs of specs. 

The Flatiron - $129
At first glance, these classic circular frames are reminiscent of the ones Kurt Cobain often donned during photo-shoots. However, these are more toned-down and classy. With a keyhole nosepiece, they have a more modern appeal that won't make you feel awkward for wearing such a bold style.  

Jazz Age - $89
Like we previously mentioned, these oversized tortoise frames are as if Risky Business-era Tom Cruise took a DeLorean back to 1925 and made sweet love to everybody in town. They're the big and sexy bridge that links the 1920s to the 1980s without any of the boring crap that happened in the middle. 

Nifty - $129
Are we wrong to think that there is something completely wholesome about these frames? They remind us of the sunglasses a dictionary salesmen would have worn in 1955 — but they aren't white bread. There's an edge there. 

HELL K - $109
Don't let the ice cream fool you. These frames are pure unadulterated power. Taking its namesake from NYC's former bootlegging neighborhood, Hell's Kitchen, these matte tortoise frames resemble wood grain and are fashioned for the businessman who likes sippin' suds on the side. 

The Roosevelt - $109
Teddy or Franklin? Hell, does it matter. There were no devoid-of-badass Roosevelts. You'll find this particular frame style everywhere you look nowadays — but Vint's high-quality celluloid acetate in gloss finish separates these from 99% of the crap you see glued to people's faces. They also come in a bold yellow that'll, undoubtedly, start a few conversations. 

The Draper - $129
You don't need be an alcoholic ad man with an unquenchable thirst for women and booze to rock these tortoise aviator-esque shades. It couldn't hurt, though. 

Western Front - $129
Who the hell are you today? Does it matter? You can be an aging rock star, or just some hungover twenty-something. The personality's built right into the specs — so you have the freedom to be a million bucks or a million pennies underneath.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and likes his sunglasses like he likes his women: able to easily block the sun's UV rays.