Watch This Dude Somehow Not Die Mountain Biking, GoPro-Style

Thanks to GoPro, we have footage of Josh Bryceland shredding his way to downhill silver at the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships. Watching the view from Bryceland's helmet, it's enough to make anyone white knuckle at their desk. You're going to want to see this. 


It's hard not to consider the impressive machine Bryceland rides. Though we're not going to give all the credit for this spectacular run to Santa Cruz Cycles, there's no doubt that Bryceland's superb machine should share the praise.

The glorious machine in question is the Santa Cruz V10 Downhill, a carbon fiber bicycle that looks like it should have a motor. With 26-inch wheels and up to 10-inches of fork suspension, this bike can take a ridiculous beating.

Well, you saw the video.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. His knuckles are still white. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.