If there's one thing I learned from Juvenile, besides how to properly back dat azz up, it's that something is not really worth buying unless you can deck it out in gloriously excessive 24 Karat gold. 

For those who just shelled out massive dough for a first-run Apple Watch, this can't be more true. Be more like Beyonce, and less like yourself. But since we aren't all making that sweet, sweet, Tidal dough like Miss Jay Z, you can consider Watch Plate your gold-plated saving grace. They'll deck your shiny new Cupertino gadgetry with 24 karat gold, all for a meager $399—less than the Watch itself. Feel free to gloat. You deserve it. 

Watch Plate

And it's ridiculously easy. All you have to do is FedEx them your newly purchased Watch, and within three business days (!), they'll have it back to you, dripping in delicious gold-plating. 

Watch Plate

You can choose either rose or yellow gold. Or you can just buy two Apple Watches, get one of each, and wear them on both hands. You may lose some friends with your newfound extravagance, but who the hell needs friends with two gold-plated Apple Watches, anyway? 



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