Watch Pro Cyclists Duke It out at 46 MPH With the New Shimano Action Cam

The Amgen Tour of California is well underway, and its organizers are taking advantage of the American race to test Shimano's new action cam. Mounted to the handlebars of select riders, the cameras were able to get some incredible footage of the violently fast sprints that finished stage one into Sacramento. We're hoping more non-extreme sports use emerging tech to add cool POV stuff like this to the mix. As we've said before, the Shimano CM-1000 Sport Camera has specs that seriously overstep the GoPro, and we're waiting for its release later this year.

We know the Shimano Sport Camera is waterproof without any special housing; we just hope it's durable in its naked form. If (when) there's a pile-up, we want that footage to survive. Good thing this camera is literally a black box.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is Supercompressor's Gear editor. He wishes he could go 46 miles per hour on a flat. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.