Run A 4-Minute Mile With This Jetpack

Running fast isn't just a necessity for track stars or Tom Cruise in every movie; Navy Seals need to sprint while at the office. Sure, 'roids are an option (they probably aren't under the purview of OSHA or an ombudsperson) but Arizona State University is making something for the Pentagon that will hopefully help the average joe beat Roger Bannister and run an under four-minute mile. And by something, we mean a jetpack.

Currently, the 11-pound pack can shave three seconds off a 200-meter sprint, and one dude cut 18 seconds from his mile, bringing it down to 5:08. When they finish and get that time down by several minutes, this better become available to the public.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. Challenge him to a race—which you'll probably lose—on Twitter @ewolffmann.