Watch These Dudes Slip 'n Slide Off a 50-Foot Cliff

Your casual backyard slip 'n slide just got a bit of a redux. Videographer Devin Super Tramp and his pals apply the same principles as your garden variety Home Depot tarp slide—biodegradable soap, tarp, splash of water—only theirs has a little more edge. 

In the vertigo-inducing video, the team of daredevils (both trained professionals and other lunatics under the supervision of professionals) spill over the side of a 50-foot cliff, executing impeccable backflips and cringe-worthy backflops, some of which you can see in all of their unnerving glory thanks to personal GoPro cams.

Carrie Dennis is a writer for Thrillist Media Group and, admittedly, this scares her a little. Follow her on Twitter at @CarrrieDennnis.