Weiss Watches: Beautiful And Handmade In America

There's been a lot of momentum in the American-made watch movement lately. Companies have popped up all over the country, each one trying to separate itself from the masses. Among the best? There's no doubt Weiss Watches is certainly in the conversation.

Recently we strapped the Special Issue Carbon Dial (watch No. 0001) to our wrists—it was exceptional. Simple, vintage inspired, and handmade in America, what's not to like?

Flip the watch over and the first thing you will notice is the beautiful Swiss-made ETA Unitas movement. It's a hand-wound mechanical with 17 jewels and a 46-hour power reserve. 

Fun fact: Founder Cameron Weiss, a WOSTEP trained watchmaker, personally assembles each and every watch, from movement to completed timepiece.

Continuing the military theme, the watch features a durable black nylon strap with leather backing. Not only does it sit comfortably on the wrist, it looks damn fine as well.

The dial is large and easy to read and the Sapphire crystal was so clean and clear, it was hard to get the camera to focus properly on the purpose-built face. The case itself is 42mm but wears much smaller, which is a welcome feature as field watches tend to be on the small side. 

The Weiss is a do-all watch. The style is something that can be both dressed up or down and the straps are easily switched in and out so you can change up the look for whatever the situation calls for.

Weiss is a brand that is doing something different in the American watch movement— manufacturing so much of their product in house, which is no easy undertaking. You'll want to be sure to keep a close eye on them going forward.

A price point of $1,250 is a tad steep, but the versatility and durability make it worth it. 

Gavin Woolard is the Social Media Editor at Supercompressor. Follow him on Instagram.