Why the U-Haul May Be The Most Fun Car to Drive

People hate moving. People hate the packing, the boxes, the sweat, the logistics, the red tape, the goodbye tears, the rootlessness, and the unpacking. This is fair. But hating the act of physically moving is absurd. When you are moving —  actually moving in motion — the process becomes one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have in an automobile, thanks to the magic of U-Haul.

The U-Haul’s awesomeness hinges on the fact that it commands a respect almost no other vehicle can deliver. If there is any vehicle that can almost guarantee an open road, it’s a U-Haul, giving you more space than a fit of sneezing gets you on the subway. It is the Moses of the road. Let's explore why.

It’s a Truck

The first component of the U-Haul’s enjoyment equation is it's muscular status as a truck. Do you usually drive trucks? Probably not. So when the occasion presents itself, it is nothing short of a treat. Oh, a VW Golf wants to cut in? Well, glück to you freund, you will not win this game of chicken in a 2,900 pound car. As for handling a truck, since you probably won’t be reenacting Bullitt, the sweet mediocrity of U-Haul handling will be pretty muted.

It’s a RENTAL Truck

So while people would give you space already just for driving a truck, the orange branding on the side makes it clear that it’s not yours, and as such, you’re going to be driving it like a rental in a devil-may-care fashion. On the scale, this is the reckless “drive it like you stole it” notch, just a stop above the jaunty “I am the final owner of this car” notch.

It’s a Rental Truck that You’re Driving for the FIRST TIME

While the branding, indicating that the vehicle is probably owned by an enormous publicly-traded holding company, gives you some decent right-of-way, the fact that it’s a U-Haul makes the cup overfloweth. That orange and black logo tells the world that there’s a good chance you’ve never driven one of these bad boys in your life, filling your fellow motorists with a gripping fear for their personal safety, much like a pink Jeep plastered with high school lacrosse stickers (one of our other favorite rides).

Just Remember to Enjoy Yourself

Too often people get caught up with the drama of moving and can’t enjoy the glorious silver lining that is the privilege of driving this boat of a truck. Well, white and silver lining.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor of Supercompressor. He enjoys driving U-Hauls. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.