This Wooden Bluetooth Speaker Is A Bespoke Boombox

Published On 03/24/2015 Published On 03/24/2015
Wooden Boombox

I'm not exaggerating when I say bluetooth speakers have completely revolutionized the way I listen to and experience music. Free of cords, headphones, and complicated set-ups, music now freely flows throughout my house on a whim, and it's all controlled by the iPhone I am rarely without. 

And lately, ambitious design teams have been developing ways to create more visually appealing and seamless speaker sets, aimed at complimenting your decor, instead of blending into it. Meet the Wooden Boombox—a decidedly artistic throwback that has one foot in the future, and one big bass from the past.

Wooden Boombox

The creators of the Wooden Boombox wanted to capture the style and substance of the old-school boomboxes they grew up with, as well as add an aura of artistic flair and personal allure.

Wooden Boombox

The backs of the speakers are hand-carved with laser beams, creating a masterwork of visual appeal that only serves to complement the resonating sound.

Wooden Boombox

Whether you're tossing it on your shoulder and heading out to the corner to play some prime Run-D.M.C., or putting it on your mantle for some soothing doses of late-night Coltrane, the Wooden Boombox will fit very nicely into your life.



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